Introducing our unique, newly and meticulously developed Tourist Map of Nigeria that can also promote your business among 21 million Nigerians in the Diaspora and other nationals travelling to Nigeria for visit or business. Our map is first of its kind as there is no other Nigeria map detailing current information on transport infrastructure, and tourism locations as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Our pocket-size map (100cmx64.3cm) when unfolded provides a wealth of practical and detailed information for all travelling. The map will equally be produced as a wall Map.

The Main Features of the Map include but not limited to:

  • Accurate and marked Road and Rail networks
  • International and Domestic Airports and Airstrips
  • Relief and Nature - highlands, lowlands and water bodies
  • Forest and Game Reserves
  • Cultural and Historical Sites
  • Recreation and Parks
  • Administrative Boundaries such as states and country
  • Zoos and Museums
  • Spot-on location referencing with accurate colour coding
  • Capital, City and Towns
  • Map project initiative in support of the Nigerian Tourism Development Drive - NTDD

The map will be made available at all Nigerian Embassies, Nigerians in Diaspora Organization's office and events, International Airports' Stationery Outlets, Major Bookstores and News Outlets in Europe, Designated Vendors and Online Internet Stores. The cost of advertising your business on the map is €200 only for a complimentary card size advert. For further information, click here to contact us.